Music: Micheal Udom – You Are Glorious

Fast emerging gospel act Micheal Udoh puts out yet another special praise song to exalt the Most Glorious of all being (Almighty God)
The Ajebor produced jam is one tune every gospel lover should have in their playlist…

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(Lyrical Extract)
Glo… ooooh oh
Glooo ooooh oh

You are glorious
Glorious in your ways,
You raised the dead
and you broke out from the grave
All the creations, extol your majesty.
And we join the heavens singing, Glorious God. 2x

You are Glo…
You are Glo…
Ooooh oooh oh
You are Glorious… Oh in your ways
Oh oh oh oh
You are Glo oh you are Glo
You are glorious, glorious, glorious God.

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