Clonbaba – B.O.T.G Challenge #BOTGchallenge

Its a great Day for Clonbaba the multi-talented Star to mark his Birthday by launching the Beat Of The gods B.O.T.G Challenge #BOTGchallenge.

This is a way of giving back to his numerous Clients who have been patronizing the brand over the Years. The Winner would get an exclusive 100% online Promotion of his Challenge by Prominent blogs across the South witth Massive radio airplay…


  1. Download the Instrumental.
  2. Murder the Instrumental before 6pm on Friday 14th of June.
  3. Write your name on the blank Artwork below.
  4. Download the Instrumental.
  5. Murder the Instrumental before 6pm on Friday 14th of June.
  6. Write your name on the blank Artwork.
  7. Upload your song + Artwork on Soundcloud.
  8. Post your link up on Twitter, Cc @clonbaba and @lyrical4ces and use the official hashtag #BOTGchallenge
  9. Keep your Fingers crossed and hope to win.
  10. The winner will be announced by 7am on Saturday 15th of June when his Song will be officially premiered worldwide and promoted subsequently.

Don’t forget to hit Clon up on Twitter, FaceBook & Instagram.

Remember Love is sharing? Good luck to all participants 

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