SJ Exclusive Interview with Jeggs


Being one of the most futuristic fast emerging acts from the south, we couldn’t skip the chance to have a little chit chat with the Iyakake crooner as he + 1 today.
Below is an extract of the memorable moments …

SJ: Tell us briefly about yourself fly guy

Jeggs: I’m Charles Emmanuel Etop aka Jeggs, final year student, studying political science and public administration university of uyo , am easy going and straight forward in my dealings, I love to be happy, and to see others too. I respect people who tells me the truth, i don’t like to be fooled and I hate disappointments lol,

SJ: Tell us about your upbringing and family background.

Jeggs: I grew up with mom, lost my dad when I was eight months, mama gave me the best upbringing she could, and taught me that nothing was a do or die, what we can’t get today we will when the time comes.

Sj: let’s talk about Your becoming an artiste, was that influenced by environment or a family inheritance?

Jeggs: I grew were nobody in my neighborhood was doing music, so I felt special with the gift in the midst of my peers.

SJ: What inspires your music?

Jeggs: So many things inspire my music,the sounds I hear the things I see my experiences, but what inspires me most is my emotions. Sincerely am very emotional, what I feel at the moment births the kind of music I come through with,if my feelings is been hurt I’ll pour it out in a love pies if I’m struggling with depression, disappointments I come out with a pies that builds hope(inspirational song) .

SJ: That’s sounds pretty unstable 🤷, OK so who is your role model in the industry

Jeggs: Lol I can’t really say I have one, cuz i learn from everybody and I respect everyone doing well for themselves out there

SJ: Okaaay, so if you were not doing music what will you do?

Jeggs: lol this one is crazy, most times I spend time talking to people that are close to me alot and I really enjoy doing that. If I wasn’t doing music I’ll sure be into broadcasting either a VJ or an OAP, damm I so love that job.

SJ: Basically still entertainment, that’s interesting… let’s talk about your emotional life “are you in a relationship and how many are there?

Jeggs:Yes! I’m in a relationship, with one cute girl that is giving headache all over my body lol…hahahaha… talking how many are there lol with due respect to the ladies, the thing is I don’t do double or multi-dating, secondly my girlfriend is one hell of trouble I have to constantly deal with can’t even think of additional troubles lol

SJ: LMFAO 😂, your best and worst experience this year

Jeggs: my worst experience was when I got robbed recently. And my best experience, was when I won my first award ever in my career “Best student musician of the ”

SJ: Oh wonderful! what should we be expecting from you in the next soon to come days?

Jeggs: I’m working on series of projects which I wouldn’t want to talk about in details till they unfold, one of such is “Project Shine” which tends to create a platform which enables young artist who can’t afford a quality production fee get a free one year production deal, it’s my little way to support the AK Music Industry coz I know how it felt when I had to save all I had to record my first studio single 2010. Me and my team are on deck working tirelessly, so I’ll be dropping a video soon, couple of songs, there is much to expect though cuz I have been signing series of contracts lately all I pray is for His grace to execute all that I have in stock.

SJ: wonderfully amazing, we pray God give you the grace to carry on. So 3 artist you will like to work with

Jeggs: lil kesh, 2Baba, dice Alice. Not because they are the biggest, but I enjoy their soundssounds

SJ: Okaaay, so conclusively what do you say to your fans and rising artist out there

Jeggs:To my fans I say thanks for the support thus far and keep supporting, to the artist never stop believing.
Thank SJ for having me….

SJ: so uncle Jeggs how old are you today?

Jeggs: lol I be old boy o lol am +1. While we are anticipating “Worry” video I’ll be dropping a fresh single within the month so you guys should keep your fingers crossed.

SJ: Alright uncle Jegss that will be all for now, do have fun and stay safe… Happy Birthday Star

He didn’t reply that one oh 😂😂

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SJ Exclusive Interview: Kelvinchrome Talks His Career As A Music Producer / An Artiste/ His Forth Coming Album And More


Nigerian Music producer Kelvinchrome (chromesoundz) who is an Afro Soul/Rnb artist and a song writer Is one of the music producers who has taken the Nigerian music Fusion and retro game to the next level. His wide repertoires in the craft has given him a somewhat incredible but perfect mix of sounds he featured in his debut Music Album tagged “Sounds Of Life” #SOL.

On this exclusive interview with SouthJamz (Ugochi Uche), Kelvinchrome talks about his career as a recording artist, a music producer, his forth coming ALBUM and his dreams for 2018 and beyond.



My name Is Kelvin Ekarika. I hail from Akwa Ibom state. I am a music producer, recording artist and song writer based in Lagos Nigeria.


I started producing music when I was 13yrs old. I used the Yamaha PSR340 to make instrumental then to PSR640 then to PSR1000 which became my favourite. I would make instrumentals all day long and then record it into a Cassette tape just to listen to it with my sony Walkman. Till one day I got a call and made my first N10,000 of my beats at the age of 15yrs old I knew I found my path.


Normally, sounds play in my head everyday. Every minute. In fact my mind develops a signature caricature tune for almost every person I meet and spend sometime with studying the key movements of the individual and translating it to sounds in my head. When ever they come around the sound or music will start to play *Laughs* and that sound describes Their persona in totality. So I reek of sounds- Millions in my head. But I learned to manage them eventually, learned to assemble those sounds and like a knife through butter, it made sense.


I have been in the choir since 10yrs of age. Started singing with the choir that young. Then soloed my first song when I was 14yrs old. Later I joined a music group called De Angels, contested for the Song Of The year and came 2nd runner up. After that, Joined JYC. Along side the C.E.O Faitho “Beegboi” Ndah in 2009 as a music producer, song writer and co- artist. After which I went solo to do my thing.


It is a unique assemblage of sounds. Sleeker than your average kind of album and lyrics cycling about Love.. You know nature breeds Nothing but love when u tastes a pineapple… Exactly the point! Putting together the *Sounds of life* album was exciting. Since I had to select my favourite sounds and progressions, my creative process was quite easy. I wrote and recorded the songs over a period of time. Then worked with Sound Engineers like PluzFactorFactory ApluzMix, Dan Jiggy, DannypKME and Ibboss (Innoveightive Beat). The songs were all produced by Chromesoundz

The music is about my life and experiences in life generally.


Competition can only abound where niche is scarce. My music is different. I bank on that!.

Well, y’all have heard it all… Save for this One, a compilation of Well made sounds…

Link up Chrome via:

Twitter: @Chromesoundz
Instagram: @Kelvinchrome

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