Facts With Kulgee: One Key Step To Capture Your City As An Artiste

facts with Kulgee

Few months ago, I wrote an article sharing a few steps on how to become popular in your city in six months. Today, I will reveal a deep secret; which is actually a billion dollar information. Effectively carrying out this single step equals being the most talked about artiste in your city. Being famous in your little city could be all you need to get that record deal and/or that multinational endorsement. Some time ago, on attending a music business seminar as one of the speakers, I shared an exciting parable with my audience. This parable will help broaden your thoughts and give you a better insight into the one step you need to capture your city as an artiste. I told my audience that despite how many keys that is in a bunch of keys, you’ll only need ONE KEY to open a padlock. All you need to push and capture your city is one key; the right step. What I’m about to share with you is all you need to excel in your city.  Here is that key step you need to capture your city as an artist.


Most upcoming artistes believe that promotion of their contents can only be effective through entertainment blogs and websites. While some artistes try to get their songs on blogs with high amount of traffic, others just dump it on struggling blogs with the least amount of traffic and call it promotion. Music promotion is far beyond putting up your songs on blogs, social media platforms, digital and streaming platforms, and so on. It is more of a tactical approach, targeting the right audience to hear and appreciate your sound. There are several steps to capture your city as an artiste but the one step that could blow up your career is the understanding that music is meant for the ears. Thus, your promotions should be mostly targeted towards avenues that could enable many ears to listen to your sound. Radio promotion is the key step you need to capture your city as an artiste. Dumping your music on blogs as an up and coming artist who has not yet sold his/her brand is a blind step to take. People only download, stream or buy songs they have either listened to either from friends, radio or songs from already established artistes.

Thus, as an upcoming artiste who is yet to sell his/her brand to the music scene in your city, radio promotion is the best shot to achieve that faster. This doesn’t mean you should neglect blogs, social media, email, and other kinds of promotions, but it means 90% of your resources on promotion should be on getting your songs to platforms that will get people to listen to your content. 

Facts With Kulgee was written by DAT KULGEE, a music business consultant, talent manager, song composer and a record label A&R.

Follow On @iam_kulgee across all social media platforms or Whatsapp +2348023451654

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SpotLight: Meet Wyz Gee, A Multi-Talented Afro-Pop Act Everyone Should Look Out For


“Sunday Ideba Gentle” musically known as Wyz Gee is a multi-talented Nigerian songwriter, singer and performer who has grown over the yearssharpening his music craft to a top class professional level.

Wyz Gee

Born on the 1st of July 1995 Wyz Gee discovered his music skills at a very early stage of his life then decided to build a career as a musician through hardwork and zeal till the year 2010 when he started music professionally.

Wyz Gee

Being a native of Edo state, his music charity began at home, Wyz Gee grew up performing and exhibiting his music craft within his immediate boyhood environment where he was able to capture the hearts of many.Needless to say, Wyz Gee IS talented R&B Afro-Pop singer and a rapper with keen interest in improving on the existing legacies of Afro-beat both within Africa and the world at large.In 2017, he released a very interesting song titled “Nun Of Dem” which enjoyed massive acceptance from wide range of music overs. Also, the song rocked the airways of many major radio stations across the country.

Wyz Gee

His new single, “Omoloja” further confirmed his versatility as an artiste and the song is currently gaining good numbers of streams from major music platforms in Nigeria.Meanwhile, Wyz Gee is sure one of the most amazing talents to look out for at the moment in Nigeria’s music scene considering his past works and the fact that he is committed to doing good music back-to-back for fans delight.Are you a lover of good music? watch out for the amazing talent named, Wyz Gee!!

Wyz Gee

Connect With Him On Social Media Handle’s Below:

Twitter & Instagram: @wyzgee

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Review: Is Nunu Eluma’s #JulyByNunu EP worth listening to?


Covers are an avenue for up and coming artistes to break into the mainstream. Usually, these songs are fans favorite and the high standards set by the original recording artistes create interesting challenges for these artistes. This is why only great covers get into trending playlists.
Getting down to brass tacks, Nunu’s July EP is an absolutely interesting compilation of 5 covers. A beautiful voice and a huge chunk of originality are savoring ingredients to this EP.

As a music enthusiast and a vocalist myself, nothing is more pleasant to listen to than a singer who understands her voice and how she can work it into different genres especially AfroPop which is particularly tricky for the average contemporary singer. 
Nunu works wonders on Tems ‘Looku Looku baby‘, her sonorous voice turning this pidgin written song into a ballad befitting for its meaning. Doing same justice to Fireboy’s ‘Jealous‘, she makes it hers and every girl’s own, adding a little sass and determination in her tone, making sure she expresses herself in the most assertive yet, feminine way.
Supernova‘ by MrEazi probably never sounded more pleasant. With the acoustic sound, it serenades you and this particular cover will remind you of your significant other. If you don’t have one, don’t wonder why you keep hugging your pillow while listening to this one. 
Branching into some Pop, Nunu makes Andra Day’s ‘Rise up‘ another Nigerian Anthem by using the colloquial Nigerian words in pidgin. She rounds it up with a Medley that should be on your favorite playlist, fusing in Afrobeat  into her usual R’n’B style.
Nunu is a complete package and her EP commands attention. Trust me, this is worth your ears and mind.
…. as Written by Nigerian Djudju.

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3 Classes of Nigerian  Superstars – Smarshilo // @smarshiloYY


Igbo Indigenous rapper and writter “Smarshilo” categorises the industry occupants under 3 Influential figures footprint… check his views and feel free to leave a comment below…

Over the past 20-years, the Nigeria music industry has Evolved and still evolving  at the fastest pace over time. Afro-beat or Afro-pop if you may, the most Successful and  surviving genre out of other experiments has crossed borders, touched lives and  affected Cultures and traditions in different spheres and parts of the world. Through  their Dance Styles, lyrics and rhythm Africa has gradually been accepted globally. An  achievement our leadership, natural resources and other like sectors couldn’t attain,  Music and Entertainment has set the pace. 
Nigeria is said to be the lead piloting these great landmarks, as they have  produced great legends that had transcended from the Old school to the New school  era within this Stint of time. From the likes of 2face(now 2baba), D’banj, Don Jazzy,  P-Square, to the New school Era of Wizkid, Davido, Burnaboy to mention but a few. Who  has broken and set records, collaborated with Corporate brands to improve and protect lives and properties, created a global awareness of the African Pop culture, values, and  norms with their simple tool of music. 
In this piece, I have tried to establish a benchmark with what seems like the most  successful popular brands to be identified as comparative analysis and evaluation of  what to expect and how every artist we know can be observed, not only in Nigeria but at  least in Africa. 
However, they are subject to be argued, contested, criticized based on your  individual sentiments, beliefs, tribes, ethnicity, and even religious differences. Or it can  be appreciated and promoted for value, but they are clearly my opinion as a music  enthusiast for over a decade now. It’s not meant to dissuade any opinions Or any  benefit and belief. There are ALL Great SuperStars and doing well according to the  Grace available to them.  
The Flyboys :
OK lemme start with this phase, these people I believe are very good looking, has  all the physical characteristics of Star, the looks, physique,” drips” and the flyboy swag  but their output and impact are on the average. They make hits and kinds of music that  spark up at some random times but are not consistently making progress. Progress as  to no follow-up singles, awards, trends, and Low global recognition. They can not be  sure bet to deliver on random collaborations, headline Major Concerts, and Events.  These people make random relative moves and their Song or project releases doesn’t  Elicit major Anticipations. They depend on massive promotions and major trends for  wider reach. Apart from the ones now on the “Legendary” Status randomly I can think of  Dice,skiibii, B-Red, Harrysong and many of them under this phase. I don’t think Kizz  Daniel the Face behind the Flyboy Inc Falls under this phase.  

The Burnaboys :
And then we have the Burnaboys, here their Only and major Disadvantage is in  the looks. Looks not like there are not fine or cool But you may not easily identify them  as Superstars on a first random look aside from the too many Tattoos, Designers and  Diamond wrists. They have some abnormal Physical features. Put out the music and  talent in them you will get an average guy on the street.  
However, this phase is highly Talented, creative across different genres, styles  and brands and Topics of music. Put them on anything they will deliver, “kill” and  “murder” it. Their music goes beyond their whims and caprices and causes ripple  effects on the souL of consumers. They’re instant Hit-Makers and always Next Rated.  They require little or no promotions to gain traffic. 
They are sure bet on collaborations, in brand awareness songs and general  promotional content songs they’re experts. Also, I can think of Burnaboy, SolidStar, Teni,  Reekado banks and a few more.  
The Starboys:
Lastly but not the least the Starboys, once you hear Starboy what comes to your  mind is Wizkid, and yes he represents every shade of greatness as a Superstar. They  have the looks, skills, and grace. Make the most major moves globally. They deliver on  any form of collaborations and songs across the globe. They don’t alot or invest much  time and attention to promotions. There are fine Burnaboys. They headline Major  concerts, their Songs elicits great Anticipations and their information and profiles are  globally rated. They’re the frontiers of the African Culture through music and the major  Competition in the global Entertainment market. You already know that Wizkid, Davido,  Kizzdaniel Daniel falls perfectly under this phase and few more others too.  
However one May vary between 2 of these phases, and there are not purely  established because of the brand behind them as it’s a borrowed term to easily classify  and Rate them. 
Feel free to share your thoughts!  

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Spotligt: meet “Adie Meshach” – fashion model // @Obudu_Pikin

image5 (2)

Born Adie Meshach Agianpuye popular known as Mishy a.k.a the walking mannequin is a High Profile Fashion Model From Cross River state..Obudu LGA to be precise, currently based in Uyo…

with a statistics of;

*Height – 6’2 *Chest – 37 *Waist – 32 *Shoe – 44 *Eyes – brown *Hair – black

The young undergraduate of university of Uyo who Started modeling in 2016/2017, scouted by Reivon models management Uyo ,founded by Andrei Esin is our Spotlight Star of The Week!

The young star focused on Cat Walks and new digitals is fast becoming a sensation in the Akwa Ibom state fashion scenes having featured in Some prominent fashion projects in Akwa state and outside including…

lead model (male) Uyo fashion forward III,

color me orange,

styles of Akwa Ibom,

Ukap’Abi Sua..

Collaboration with Aniferaz bespoke.

The punch and  The Guardian newspapers “lead model (male) of uyo fashion forward III.. ” and lot’s of editorials and look book for Jhartng.

In 2018, Meshack got a placement from his mother agency (Reivon model management) to pen down contract with “E4 Models management” (an international agency based in New York) however the deal remains inconclusive as the rising star intends to finish his degree programme before leaving the shores

Same 2018 by June Mishy signed a Two years contract to one of the top and fast growing agency in Lagos… “Catch22 models management” and is so far growning in proxy

While the break through for male models in the industry is still very low as compared to the female models, the consistent demand entry from various prominent organizations for the star fast rising is proof that the future is
without exaggeration a sure bloom with series of nomination and awards to show for it Including the “Male Model of the year award at the Nigerian medical students fashion show and awards (NIMSFASA) 2018, andCampus model of the year at the Nigerian campus choice awards.. 2018

On the side Meshack is a fashionprenuer who designs genuine leather shoes,slippers,sandals and bags for both genders. CCEO of
“Ms wearsng”

For bookings contact

☎ +2348132200061
Instagram: @a.d.i.e_

Twitter: @Obudu_Pikin

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Reviews: All there is to know about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo – Biography, Net Worth, and More Know


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is the senior pastor of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, better known as COZA.

He has been in a lot of mess recently as a result of a series of rape accusations and other charges relating to immorality.

As they always say, one is always innocent until proven guilty, let’s not be quick to judge! Well, today we’d be talking about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s biography, date of birth, age, early life, education, family, parents, wife, children, church, business, net worth, houses, cars, social media handles, allegations and everything else you’d love to know about him.

Before we continue, here’re a few things you’d love to know about Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo and a quick rundown on his biography.

Full Name: Biodun Fatoyinbo

Date of birth:

DOB: January 1st

Nationality: Nigeria

Education: University of Ilorin, University of Benin

Wife: Modele Fatoyinbo

Children: 3

Best known as: Pastor

Church: Commonwealth of Zion Assembly [COZA]

Net worth: $12 million

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Biography, Date of Birth, Early Life, Family, Education, Church

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is the senior pastor and founder of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA).

His congregation is believed to have a population of over 20,000 people, and around forty thousand others are believed to listen to his messages across the other continents.

Pastor Biodun is an international gospel speaker, and is mostly known for his charismatic messages. He is based in Abuja with his wife and children. His church, the COZA also has four other branches in Ilorin, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Dubai.

COZA started out as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in the year 1999 in Ilorin, Kwara State, and they only have four ordained pastors.

Biodun Fatoyinbo has been caught in a few controversies as a minister, and most of them have been related to sexual immoralities.

In the year 2013, Ese Walter, a former member of his congregation revealed that she had a week-long affair with the pastor.

She admitted she wasn’t raped, but he was already married as at the time of the allegation.

Pastor Biodun denied the allegations and in May 2019, an Abuja based singer, Timi Dakolo subtly accused the pastor of ‘leaving a trail of broken women, sexually abused and mentally strangled’ in an Instagram post.

‘From Avalanche to Gratitude, from Pastoral Care Unit to Host and Hostesses, from witty Inventions to Hospitality Unit. They are found in every department in that ‘Church’. His hand picks his victims and ruins them,’ he wrote.

He alleged that the pastor slept with and even raped his wife, Busola, a celebrity photographer and also a former member of the COZA.

Pastor Biodun also denied this allegations in a formal statement, and according to him, ‘…has never raped someone before even as an unbeliever…’

Many celebrities including Banky W, Ebuka, Bisi Alimi, Bobrisky, Rita Dominic, Teddy A, Noble Igwe, Adesua Etomi, Patience Ozokwor, Omojuwa, Olayinka, Kemi Adetiba, Toke Makinwa, Cee-C, Khloe, Abike Dabiri, Alex, Uti Nwachukwu, Daddy Freeze and many others have reacted to the matter.

A good number of other Nigerians, have reacted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with many of them siding the victim, and still many siding the pastor.

We hope all things turn out to be fine!

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Net Worth

Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is one of the richest Nigerian pastor. He also owns a university, and his church is one of the biggest.

He is estimated to be net worth $12 million.

Social Media Handles

You can get Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo on:

Instagram @BiodunFatoyinbo

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Review: Top10 Throwback Bangers From The South


Thursdays are for Throwbacks and on this day we’d like to journey you through Memory Lane of some amazing jams from the South that left an enviable footprint in the sands of time as we present “Top10 Throwback Bangers From The South”… feel free to read and leave a response

#10. Sky B – My Baby

This Port Harcourt based Rapper may not have possed the prowess, skills rich vocabulary If by 2007/2008 you had access to modern media player then this Jam surely nneeds no introduction to you.

released aloongside the album titled Pray For Me which sold over 1 million copies,Sky B was certainly the icing on the cake in 07. banging everywhere with this very tune

Enjoy below and by the way, where is Sky B?

#09. D’Smart – Pikin (Small Stout)

Prominent Port Harcourt comedian D’Smart took it upon himself to caution against child bearing desperation amongst women with a spice of comic flair discussing the consequences of the act and well, this one made it here as a prominent vibe of way back with positive message to communicate still relevant in recent times…

#08. Mish – Akwa Ibom Ayaiya

While other states had 5-10 trending songs spotlighting their culture and identity, Akwa Ibom obviously desperately needed One, and out of nowhere Mish came through with this infectious vibe that became an instant banger accepted even in non Ibibio land…

#07. Waconzy – I CELEBRATE

As at 2010/2011, how would your playlist not have waconzy? Dude dominated the entire South’s sphere and was obviously breaking into the Lagos market triumphantly…

Celebrate remains his biggest hit thus far. at the moment not much is heard from this Act… hope everything is alright with him …

#06. StereoMan – Sample

Stereoman aka Ekwe ruled the airwaves with a very different type of vybe and this remain evergreen from that year’s compilation as the Warri first born had fun and even showed an incredible hold of his cultural heritage with art in the videos of his works

One Jam that found its way into every mixtape of the 2010 – 2011 compilations…

#05. SpiderMan – Ekwu ft Timaya

As far as the Akwa Cross Contemporary music breakthrough is subject of discussion, this jam played a great part in setting the pace for others to dare to strive! As far back 2009 this was one of the biggest jam in Nigeria banging on radios, mixtapes clubs and everywhere… Trust, jam still doper than some blown jobs of recent times…

#04. Iyanya – Kukere

The Cross River Pop Star debuted with this spanking banger in early 2012 to compliment the trending Etighi dance… particularly famous in Nigeria, Ghana and the United Kingdom this is notably one of the biggest jam D-tunes has produced thus far… A major breakthrough jam for the Kukere maste

#03 Duncan Mighty – Dance for me

Debated to be the biggest Song out of Africa as at 2008, Dance for Me remains one of Duncan Mighty’s Legendary vibe out…
It obviously was the hit track that sold the Koliwater album Across Africa and trust this one still sounds good..

#02. Timaya – story

Commander in Chief of the Dem Mama Soldiers and Egberi Papa1 of Bayelsa Debuted his Solo career in 2005 with the hit Single “True Story” which later became the title of his debut album.
With massive rotation In media houses, mixtapes and streams across Africa, this remains the pace setter for Timaya’s success of today. ..

#01. MC Galaxy – Sekem

Top of this countdown is The most recent of this compilation yet not recorded yesterday, MC Galaxy Scored a platinum with this One, moving from a Dancer to an A List act in no time… The T-Spize produced hit remains till date the Pop Star’s most most successful single out yet… Still fresh in our memories with it own complimentary dance 🎶

Tune is evergreen

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Breaking The Lagos Monopoly – a Strategic Leeway to Entertainment Growth In the South


It is undeniable that African Enterttainment hub is in the West, Lagos to be precise. But does it mean we’ll all migrate there to make a name for ourselves? This pressure’s down the need to decentralise such dominance that grace may spread to other region of the country.

It can’t be a year’s task but if we are to even try then we must do more than talking and these are a few key plan to realizing effective results…

  • Interact with the Big Foreign Brands
  • there is a lot to this move in the Hands of Show Organizers, Simplify the chances of home based Artistes meeting and interacting with the bigger brands in your events!

Let the Locals get to meet with their idols and begin to psychologically realize that this are flesh and blood like them too.

This goes beyond artistes to Artiste down to artiste managers, CEOs, OAPs, DJs Promoters etc. Every time such interaction occurs, there is communication of knowledge, ideas, hope and in the process a few break-in secret knowingly or unknowingly drops (you can’t fight what you don’t know) There always something to Learn!


The media is the Key Means to development of Entertainment. Instead of building big empty hotels where people only occasionally come to patronize, “Advisers to Billionaires”, please encourage them to establish digital TVs and Radio stations where endless cashflow will be reaped off commercials and a more decent Employment than bed dressers who might in some cases end up bed warmers can be Created for the greater good of the society.

The media outfits are the basic tools for image creation of this Entertainers (Movies inclusive)

For us to control the western influence we need to own our platforms. (You can’t go to Lagos and ask them why Dandizzy”s video is played once a week, but we can own our own Media houses where the focus is on us) Lagos left MTV for HipTv

  • Manipulation of the Fans (Consumers) Mindset…

This is a very complicated part! It is where all hands must be on deck. All workers in the entertainment sphere must be harmonized towards a common goal at this point because, it is for the fans that the music is made and from them, the money is made too.

Take it back to the early 2000’s, could you tell a Lagosian to pay #5000 VVIP gate fee to witness a concert that had no foreign Star like R. Kelly and 50 Cent? man will readily think you’re mad. When the media (Bloggers, TVs, Radios, News Papers, Magazines and Influencers) took interest in the locals and started communicating happenings around this people (True or False) the Turnaround love seemed like a miracle…

This is possible anywhere BUT The Artistes must be willing to put in the work in Packaging, Branding, and creating happenings around them apart from dropping songs to keep the media talking.  (People will start wanting to see who they’ve heard so much about)


Now this is the radical stage where the fans are made to understand that vibing to Davido and Wizkid instead of Dandizy and Dr Barz is a crime in Port Harcourt (NOT BY PHYSICAL VIOLONCE OH).  Imagine tuning to Radio Stations in Uyo and the likes of Ikpa Udoh, Brown Edu, O’giver, Black Alliance, Sir Wilker, Upper X, Sagas and the rest of them are receiving massive airplay all day!

NOTE: This won’t just happen abruptly, Firstly our A list must be established and willing to stand in place of the foreign brands consistently putting out quality vibes, the distribution agencies tactically fuses our fast emerging Stars with the foreign and when a perfect blend is attained, the Cut comes in!

Starve the people of Flavour and Force Young King Stunna, on them. Lybra, Young Bone, Feelingz, Rex Coded, Tossy Young, Pope Don X and so much more are putting out tunes enough to go round weeks to months to all year round and there is no such thing as Playing the song too much at this particular time.

The Bloggers and influencers are very much needed here… steadily filling the gap with gossips and update on Entertainment all round the clock, the TV stations not being left out.

  • THE DJs and Mixtape Distributors’ contributive Efforts:-

Lets understand that all the above stated moves might get washed down the drain if our DJs still play Psquare instead of  Ajebo Hustlers, Samson, Jasper Stunch, Eddybillz Emy P in Clubs and events. DJ Jimmy Jatt started the “Jump Off” and brought into limelight more artistes than any record label in Nigeria Music History!

The likes of DJ Iroko (Port Harcourt) Dj Bigscratcher (Uyo) DJ Peejay and the rest where all doing great jobs, at a time they just stopped trying, some migrated to Lagos and became upcoming till date and everything died.

We need more Mixtape with Local contents and Tittles on these streets.

Great music distributors like Ahbu Ventures, Orange Music, Danco Music, birthed the emergence of Timaya, Duncan Mighty, M-Kaze, Mr Drill, Wacomzy, Stero Man, Frank D’Nero Sky B and lots more since their Migration to Lagos, the South seemed to have completely lost it. This further affirms the relevance of street Mixtape in this break-in strategy… beyond having these mixtapes we need distributors putting in the works, selling out…


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DJ Cuppy New Single “ABENA,” A RIP OFF Of Tobi Smallz “WAYO”

unnamed (3)

The big names should please stop trampling on others working hard for their own success. Tobi Smallz is a talented young man striving hard to put his songs out there with 100% originality. He has released so many songs including WAYO not to mention a few , the music industry is proud to have such talents like him.

Tobi Smallz released his song titled WAYO December 2018 which went viral among his fans and just this week DJ Cuppy releases same song with a different beat which she featured Kwesi Arthur a Ghanaian artiste , Shadee and ceeza milli and titled theirs “ABENA”THE CONTENT ON THE CHORUS OF THE SONG AND THE WHOLE LYRICS WERE RECYCLED.

Is this the creativity we seek for in the music industry? Where is the fairness to the original writer and owner of the song?

We demand an apology from DJ Cuppy , not necessarily open , also request she takes down that song before legal actions is being deemed as a remedial measure.

Stream & Download “Abena” By “DJ Cuppy Ft. Kwesi Arthur, Shaydee & Ceeza Milli” Below;

  DOWNLOAD: “DJ Cuppy – Abena Ft. Kwesi Arthur, Shaydee & Ceeza Milli” (9.3 MiB, 7,380 hits)

RECYCLED CHORUS “Abena” By “DJ Cuppy Ft. Kwesi Arthur, Shaydee & Ceeza Milli” Below;\

Stream & Download “Wayo” By “Tobi Smallz” Below;

  DOWNLOAD: “Tobi Smallz – Wayo” (4.4 MiB, 8,553 hits)

ORIGINAL CHORUS “Wayo” By “Tobi Smallz” Below;

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Review: Uyo Top10 Jamz October Edition


While the “A list” acts are doing all there is to stay afloat and occupy the top spot, fast emerging acts are not slacking in their efforts to create a space for themselves through dishing out quality Jamz and promoting them through their own possible means.
Below are Top10 outstanding quality vibes that raved the month of October in an ascending order…

#10. Okposong – ndoko mma

T.L Record’s lead act “Okposong” returned with #NdokoMma after recording massive success with his previous banger jam “Mboroko”. with Double D in the production console, the jam which celebrates and exaults the beauty inherent in his hometown is already the peoples favorite raving the airwaves and easly occupying our no.10 spot for the month.
Download Audio


Fast emerging dancehall star who earlier debuted with #UyoAyaAdad that became an instant banger recently linked up with MCGEmpire in-house producer PimpBeatz to dish out another infectious afro sound to reaffirm his relevance in the sphere as Itak Isin Baby1 of the south (whatever that means… lol).
the tune mixed by our very own Ifex beat is already raving the airwaves and without rivalry settling at the no.9 spot of this countdown
Download Audio


in a bid to communicate hope to them depressed souls out there, gospel rapper “Ziben” again puts out what can easly pass as the most lyrically rich song on this list to strengthen the weak.
well, this compilation isnt about just rich content right? – yeah. so the 8notes mastery in exibibition places this one at the no.8 spot.
Quality jam for those who still care to hear more than instrumentals
Download Audio


featuring the Money Spec Records frontline act “the Ebariba Commander” and Tomba crooner “Mzee”, AKS finest DJ Peejay puts out a slow tempo ital vibe to spice our playlist. couldnt get boring with O’giver pun the console and it sure earned a spot here #7
Download Audio

#06. Jasper Stunch – Give Away

The international badman and Stunch Music Cartel frontman returns in a wavy style and pattern to claim our top5 spot with the Shebongky produced love song that sees Jasper professing undying love to a yet unknowed girl whom he obviously has “Give Away” all his heart love and sense to …lol
jam is a banger we couldnt skip it here so with due analysis and review it couldn’t go anywhere below #6
Download Audio

#05. Eddybillz – Shantel

Rastaman no Dreadlock Eddybillz is with no disputation the most prominent new school raggae dancehall artiste from E-town feeding fans with spectacular reggaeton sensational vibes, and his latest release #Shantel is yet another exibition of the Star’s versatility and dopeness.
produced by official Sounds this mid tempo jam occupys our no.5 spot with ease and is surely one jam you should vibe to…
Download Audio


occupying the No.4 spot is “Clon’s – Mama”
Being one of the most consitent in dishing out Bangers for the enjoyment of good music lovers, the Tekno replica recently puts out an awesome fusion of oldies regular sounds spiced with trend vibe to give a unique feel to the jam that reviews and presents motherhood in the most adorable spotlight and like nothing heard yet, the jam is an instant banger anyday.
produced by Beat Of The Gods himself.
Download Mama

#03. KrozzyBeatz – Ekong Nke

Recently officialy signed to Jagaban Music Group, producer/Singer Krozzybeatz puts out the refix to his previously released jam “Akwa Ibom” he tags this one “Ekong Nke” the Astra produced jam is one of the most celebrated amongst recently released songs that are dedicated to the state and earning the no.3 spot was without struggle.
Download Audio


Oh da! Towering above every other jam featured in this compilation as the biggest collabo here in, ace beat maker/singer Manpizzy puts the baseline frontline act Skales on whats supposed to be a love song transformed to Afro Pop banger.
employing the professional hands of MC Galaxy”s in-house producer on this one, Mbakara is with no disputation one of those quality vibes to turn up for Anytime the DJ switch up.
Download Audio

#01. Emy p – Okuk

Winner of World Music Day “Next Rated” 2018 freestyle and Space Entertainment front act is one of the new sensation making sure our playlist stays updated with raving hits back to back and his latest release “Okuk” douldnt settle for any less but the no.1 spot of this compilation.
the “Rex Made it” produced Pop tune reviews money relevance in the 21st century as it affects every man of the civilized world… seemingly an extraction from Mayorkun’s “Bobo” well redefined to relate the immediate environment of his base.
This is the 01 jam of our compilation for the month of October #Banger
Download Okuk

There you have the Top jamz that raved the Uyo airwaves last month… Feel free to drop a comment

other jamz worthnote:
While this Jamz couldn’t make get ahead of the number 10 jam herein, they obviously made rave and exhibits mastery in the sphere…

shadyblizs – jeje

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Review: Negative Comments Must Never Stop Proper Music Artiste — Pedro Milli [@itz_pedromilli]

Negative Comments Must Never Stop Proper Music Artiste — Pedro Milli

Pedro Millli is a fast-rising artiste who is set to take the music scene by storm. A few days ago, he spoke to ROTIMI IGE about his plans for a place among the stars, among other issues.

How did you start/recognize your talent?

Right from childhood, I had always loved music. I remember during my secondary school days, we would engage in rap/hip hop battles and I always performed exceptionally well. So, right from those days, I always knew that I would end up doing music. I needed no soothsayer to tell me that and all thanks to God, I started doing music professionally three years ago.

What influenced you to become a musician?

So many factors influenced me on becoming a musician, summing them all up, I would say life. Yes, life has influenced me a whole lot. From nature and her beauty down to my love life as well as all my experiences while growing up in the ghetto, I best express my innermost feelings via music.

What challenges have you faced over the years in your craft?

As an upcoming artiste/fast rising act still trying to carve a niche for myself, I’ve faced so many challenges. To be prominent in Nigeria’s music industry, you need to be very hard working and learn never to relent despite the backlash/negative comments you get from time to time. Financially it hasn’t been easy as well, but in all, I give thanks to God. I have a goal and I’ll do all it takes to accomplish it.

What kind of music do you do?

I do Hip Hop and Afro pop. But the genre of one of my most recent songs was of reggae fusion. The title of the song is ‘I need you’. It will drop for public download very soon.

Most say Lagos is the music capital of Africa. Do you think this is true?

It is very true. To be prominent in Nigerian music and Africa at large, you need to conquer the Lagos audience.

So, are you saying an artiste cannot do well outside Lagos?

Sure, an artiste can do well outside Lagos, but in terms of location, Lagos is the hub of entertainment. Your music can ‘blow’ in Benin but not blow in Nigeria or Africa; but any song that ‘blows’ in Lagos, has blown not just in Nigeria but the whole of Africa.

Rate the music industry at the moment…

I would say eight out of ten. We are rising rapidly and the world is taking note.

Tell us about your songs

My songs are very rich in lyrical content and rhythmic flows. Each of my songs has specific messages that it passes across. My latest single ‘Love me’ has been doing very well. In the clubs, it is a banger. The feeling I get as people and fans chant and vibe to my song is orgasmic.

What should fans expect from you this year?

A whole lot. I have the most amazing fans and I’ll never let them down. They give me the enthusiasm with which I put in more work and the best I can do for my fans is to bless their ears with euphoric sounds and good music.

Any regrets thus far?

No regrets. The love I have received so far is massive and it conquers any negative comment and backlash. From family to friends to the rest of my fans, it’s been love all through.

What would you have become if not an artiste?

An engineer.

Your typical day?

That has to be days in the studio recording songs.


I was born in the ancient city of Benin. I grew up on the streets. I come from a family of six and all my siblings are all boys.

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Poetry: Precious Ewa – The Love Of My Land


As Akwa Ibom State celebrates her 31st Anniversary, the 085 Entertainment lead act Supersonic Blaze pens down deep heart touching piece in a bid to appreciate his motherland thus far… Pure Arts


I do believe in how much I love you. I will care for you and protect you as you have become a treasure chest sought after by brigands, charlatans, traitors and the righteous.

They want to squeeze your breast till there is no more milk, not minding what your babies will survive on.

They want to suck you dry and leave you like a cow that has never journeyed for greener pastures in the south

Few years ago you were still a virgin, decades ago you were like a naive maiden but your own gave you out to foreign travelers to be taken advantage of and the gifts of your children were ignored

Now the once naive land caught an infection from the ones with the disease of inferiority complex passed on to them in foreign lands of slavery

In all of this, your juice still remains sweet and your landscape continues to sooth the essence of nature keeping your children fresh and healthy

I can still smell your sweet fragrance, see your past blossoms , your greenery, valleys, rivers and tributaries connecting our ethnicity

Once labeled a tripod, you broke a leg, we cared till you healed and for the love of you, your children buried the hatchet for the younger generation to grow

I can still perceive that you are full of life and still believe nothing is not possible. I will keep blooming you, my dear Akwa Ibom State, feed you with every knowledge, skill and talent I have, water you with my tears, help you become lovelier, stronger and more colorful than before.

I will cast love on you because without Akwa Abasi Ibom my life means nothing. I will never leave you even though I journey far and wide.

I am your candle, I will burn, cast light on you so others can see your beauty and smell your perfume.

When I go I will leave a trail for the young generation to follow, I will leave a mark that will make you proud of me

I do believe after the rain will be sunshine, after night will be day, after grievance will be happiness, after hatred will be love and after arguments will be agreements.

We will keep building you , my dear Akwa Ibom State, with peace and harmony we will cook in one pot for generations to come

You will flourish beyond fulfilment , your resources will never run dry, your sons and daughters will soar high.

The world will always be in wonder whenever they smell your fresh air, look at your tall palm trees, walk bare feet on your sandy beach, eat your delicacies and love your children .

A state named after the Almighty God will never fail to bare fruits. I wish you greatness , I wish you peace, love and unity

Happy 31st birthday, my dear Akwa Ibom State Precious Ewa ©

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Review: Unik Brodaz – Amedo Ready? A Hit or Miss


Enthused by the success of their previous hit “Amem?”, the afro pop duo puts out another Question tagged tittle, another Rex Made It production, another supposed catchy phrased Jam, but is it another Hit?
It is safe to start by acknowledging the contributions of the duo towards putting the state in the map with the hit single “Amem?” being one of the biggest tune out of the south by that time with a complimenting expensive and great quality video aired in all media houses to follow up.
#AmedoReady? Apart from this jam being one of the most highly anticipated song in the south online, coming from the populace choice of the Moment made the news a rave coupled with the previously faked news of a possible collabo with MrP of P’square and staged rumors of their death to court attention… well, their hype man did a great job there and now, The Jam itself?
Beginning with a very energetic intro spiced with the trending ShakuShaku flair couldn’t be any less but an amazing idea. Sadly, the beat maker wasted no time sampling obvious elements from beat of their previous hit to the song killing the chances of having another unique tune..
While the chorus seems catchy and sharp establishing a pretty broad sphere for lyrical exploitation the first verse still had content out of context throwing critical listeners off balance as to getting the theme then the “You can never hide a golden fish” (was that even necessary?)
the verse verse 2 came with the POP CHAMPAIGN lines and other famous lines from previous hits of various artistes – one can only wonder if it’s out of limited lyrics bank or desperation to garner scores from the success of the copied tunes…
Download Audio Here
In all, lyrically the entire song is a mismanaged disjoint of conflicting ideologies with no poor transitional tecniques while the duo did well with vocal prowess and delivery. Also, professionalism in sound engineering and the mixing of this jam #ihearmix is commendable as clearance is obtained amidst rowdy components being dominant in the instrumentals… #amedoready?
Feel free to leave a piece of your mind in the comment box…

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Facts with Kulqee: Upcoming Artistes Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sign That Deal

facts with kulqee4

Hey! You’ve got Dat Kulqee on this one as usual. I’m so excited to share this piece of mine with you all for FREE! Am aware getting recording or management contracts has been the prayers of most of you guys but my concern is that most people who get record deals end up regretting ever putting their signatures on such deals. Thus, I have decided to share this to advise and help us stay away from career endangering contracts. Do not forget to share this with folks, you might just be saving a life. Here is why you shouldn’t sign that deal…

Written by Onyema Courage (Dat Kulqee)
Instagram: @iam_kulqee | Twitter: @iam_kulqee


I do not know about you but quickie is never same as full-blown sex. If eating fast, drinking fast, dancing and singing fast is part of your talents, then you need to keep such a talent aside when provided with a recording, management, licensing or distribution deal. ‘’Words are multifaceted’’. Thus, ensure you are given enough time (in days) to properly go through the contract before rending your signature. If you are not provided with enough time to properly dissect and digest all the sections of the deal, please do not sign.


Never be deceived, ‘’words are chameleons’’. They mean different things in different scenarios. You need a lawyer to go through your contract before you sign. Even if you cannot afford a lawyer, ensure a law student or anyone conversant with law terms goes through your contract before you sign. If there is no room or time for you o consult a legal personnel , please don’t sign. Remember, this is far more than a deal, it is your career, your image, your destiny, your life. Any single mistake will haunt you. Be sure you career and brand is properly guarded.


There is a written document for a reason. Whatever is not clearly stated in your deal is not factual. Be sure no promises are oral. If the monthly allowances, clothing allowances, collaborations, albums, singles per year etc are not clearly stated on your contract, you have no grounds for any argument tomorrow. Ensure all promises are clearly stated in a way you understand for sure how your career will be like for that period.


Never forget, ‘’ record deals are done for the fame and money that comes with it. Most recording deals come in favour disguise, don’t be deceived. Never let the intimidation take away your right t negotiate. Ensure your time with the company or record label is negotiable. If there are no rooms for negotiations, please don’t sign.

END NOTE: I am sure this will be difficult for most of you guys to stand for your rights and turn down such massive deals when they come. Nevertheless, always remember this, if you sign, never fight. You signed out of your own free will. If you must avoid murmur during your years with the label, then stick to these secrets.

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Spotlight: Meet Mr Oghenetega Efedede, CEO of Cape Music Entertainment Television (CMETV)


Mr. Oghenetega Efedede is the C.E.O of Cape Music Entertainment Television, (CMETV). CMETV is a Pan African cable television channel launched in 2017. The channel started online and is set to hit TV screens this year.

Even though Mr Oghenetega keeps quite a low profile, his business and ongoing projects is proof that he is a well-grounded and successful entrepreneur who also cares about youth empowerment. There has been a lot of buzz recently over his just-concluded music talent hunt competition by which had hundreds of entries since 7th of April, 2018, with Adedara Oluwaseun Abayomi aka Skriptzz emerging as the winner of the competition. The competition was followed and unanimously declared free and fair, attesting to the integrity of Mr Oghenetega.

He stated that the competition was aimed to promote Nigerian raw talent and expose them to Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. The winner (Skriptzz) was rewarded with a cash reward of N100,000, a complimentary video would be shot for him and his song would also be promoted online, on radio, TV, and clubs. Now that’s an awesome way to give back.

You’ll agree he is one of the few Nigerian entrepreneurs who truly deserve some accolades, right?

Source: Michelle Emiaha

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Movie Trailer: WemziFilmz set to premiere the rib cracker movie “Jesus In Uyo”


Another comedy movie to watch out for as WemziFilmz productions in collaboration with Krisima Projecti premieres the rib cracker “Jesus in Uyo”… A movie that tells the story of a spiritually clueless Prophet impersonating the son of God “Jesus” and thrilling audience with staged miracles… Catch a glimpse via the thriller below

Download Video
@Silverbird Cenimas screen2
On 21st of July 2018
Time 6pm _8pm

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