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News: STARZZ Awards 2018 Nominations Now Open


Following months of speculation and anticipation, Starzz Entertainment is proud to announce the call to entry for the 2018 edition of STARZZ AWARDS, the prestigious initiative has consistently honored great achievers from leaders, celebrities, community builders to captains of industries across the world.
The award ceremony has fast become established as one of the biggest gatherings of influential and global achievers on the continent.

The creative Director; Amb. Delytsome Emmanuel expressed his delight at the growing success of Starzz Awards, saying: “We have been inundated by calls from personalities across Africa with everyone asking when the next SA would return for another edition. However, we are thrilled to announce that 2018 occasion will be very grand and elegant”.

Entry for Starzz is free @ and the closing date for submissions is the 30th of July 2018.

Nominees for the 2018 Starzz Awards will be announced via a televised broadcast on Galaxy Tv channels on DStv and GOtv on Wednesday 8th August, followed by publications on social media platforms and on Starzz award pages. The 2018 Award ceremony holds in the month of October in Lagos, Nigeria

For More Enquiries, Partnership/Sponsorship: +2347035341793, +2348081091083, Instagrm/Facebook; @starzzawards,

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SJ Exclusive: Understanding Online Music Sales

music money

The music market is gradually moving from streets to online stores, recording impressive cash income to artistes and music agencies across the globe. Gradually becoming the new trend this however has raised a notable controversy amongst artistes, owners of free stream blogs and audience at large making it an issue worth redress.
This article is in no way to discourage artistes from daring to make money from their craft, neither is it to ruin the chances of freestream bloggers making money from their sphere, however it is aimed at elaborating the realistic possibility of successful online music sales in practical form.
To successfully sell music online a few things must be duly considered;
1. Targeted Audience: As an artiste, you need to understand the class of people who buy songs and how to get to them online, sincerely speaking this class of fans are most likely not found on face and whatsap, they listen to content not instrumentals, and they have value for their money like anybody else and wouldn’t want to buy a song they don’t have value for. Luckily there are series of distribution companies out there willing to take your music to this class of audience through a medium of subscription subjected to sells percentage terms.

2. Music Type: This isn’t necessarily about your Genre of music, But to be very honest “Shaku Shaku” filled with Yoruba street slangs may not be quite successful however songs with content and strong message of common interest, most likely from the famous genres of hip hop, afro pop, fusion, highlife, classical, reggae et al. Songs with a reason for the dollar e.g Harrysong – Mandela (we’re not saying shaku shaku is not worth the dollar anyways but honestly you don’t want to narrow down your buyers to Yoruba speaking audience and culture friendlies).

3. The Right Hype: Most times in the local market, when we buy stuffs for the first time, it’s not because we’re really sure of it’s worth, but most likely we heard so from a trust worthy source… the most effective music promotion is carried out before the actual release of the song {anticipation}. Your song being talked about very well will stir curiosity as to “what’s even in this song that is making everybody want to talk about it?” [curiosity is good for marketing] when they ask, you answer them with the Jam Link and they buy.

4. Brand Packaging: It is one thing to have a good song, it is however another thing to court attention to your song. From the Tittle of your song, to the graphics art, down to the press release…
*When your song tittle make your audience curious, “why is the song having that kind of tittle? What could an artiste possibly make from that kind of tittle?” in an attempt to find out, they buy.
* Graphics Art that is beautiful to the eyes attracts the mind, nobody will buy what their eyes don’t like, this applies in all spheres of marketing even offline. However Beauty doesn’t end here in this context; does the art compliment the song content and genre? It goes beyond just having your picture and name beautifully written.
* The relevance of your press statement should better not be underrated, it is where you give an insight about yourself and the song, it should be brief, precise and captivating enough to let your buyers believe they’re not buying rubbish.

5. Market Relativity: Simply put, if I’m in a Naira based economy state, buying in dollars may hinder my urge to hear your music. While iTunes and Spotify may dominate the dollar based state, the mtn music store on the other hand makes it simple for the less technically advanced audience to still buy your songs online and should be a more preferred option for upcoming artistes…


• What’s your preferred choice at the moment? Make money or build audience?
• Within your reach, how many people buy songs online?
• The audience buying your songs online, are they the same audience you meet in your shows?
• Should a DJ want your song in mixtapes or OAPs wants to air your music as part of promotional strategy, would they also have to Buy the songs?
• Is your song really worth #350 – $1?

If this publication has been helpful to you, do well to share it… God bless us… #teamSouthjamz

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News: DJ Benchilovsky Changes Name To DJ Ben-G


Akwa Ibom based Fast Rising Dj born “Bernard Essien” famously known as DJ Benchilovsky wishes to Publicly declare with effect from today to be furtherly known and addressed as “DJ Ben-G”.
The SpinStar who is head DJ at Pyramid lounge and Good fellaz Ent official is Uniuyo best DJ 2017, nominated for the ibom best DJ awards in 2016 and has over 5 MixTapes to his credit.

Reason for this change: in his words “I enjoyed the sound in the other name, it was good. But this isn’t all about what I like, but it’s about what is comfortable for my client. I noticed the difficulty in pronouncing the other name and then I came up with this one. Since a lot of people call me Benji instead. All documents and contact associated with the former name is still valid”
… “DJ Ben-G”.

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SJ Exclusive Interview: Kelvinchrome Talks His Career As A Music Producer / An Artiste/ His Forth Coming Album And More


Nigerian Music producer Kelvinchrome (chromesoundz) who is an Afro Soul/Rnb artist and a song writer Is one of the music producers who has taken the Nigerian music Fusion and retro game to the next level. His wide repertoires in the craft has given him a somewhat incredible but perfect mix of sounds he featured in his debut Music Album tagged “Sounds Of Life” #SOL.

On this exclusive interview with SouthJamz (Ugochi Uche), Kelvinchrome talks about his career as a recording artist, a music producer, his forth coming ALBUM and his dreams for 2018 and beyond.



My name Is Kelvin Ekarika. I hail from Akwa Ibom state. I am a music producer, recording artist and song writer based in Lagos Nigeria.


I started producing music when I was 13yrs old. I used the Yamaha PSR340 to make instrumental then to PSR640 then to PSR1000 which became my favourite. I would make instrumentals all day long and then record it into a Cassette tape just to listen to it with my sony Walkman. Till one day I got a call and made my first N10,000 of my beats at the age of 15yrs old I knew I found my path.


Normally, sounds play in my head everyday. Every minute. In fact my mind develops a signature caricature tune for almost every person I meet and spend sometime with studying the key movements of the individual and translating it to sounds in my head. When ever they come around the sound or music will start to play *Laughs* and that sound describes Their persona in totality. So I reek of sounds- Millions in my head. But I learned to manage them eventually, learned to assemble those sounds and like a knife through butter, it made sense.


I have been in the choir since 10yrs of age. Started singing with the choir that young. Then soloed my first song when I was 14yrs old. Later I joined a music group called De Angels, contested for the Song Of The year and came 2nd runner up. After that, Joined JYC. Along side the C.E.O Faitho “Beegboi” Ndah in 2009 as a music producer, song writer and co- artist. After which I went solo to do my thing.


It is a unique assemblage of sounds. Sleeker than your average kind of album and lyrics cycling about Love.. You know nature breeds Nothing but love when u tastes a pineapple… Exactly the point! Putting together the *Sounds of life* album was exciting. Since I had to select my favourite sounds and progressions, my creative process was quite easy. I wrote and recorded the songs over a period of time. Then worked with Sound Engineers like PluzFactorFactory ApluzMix, Dan Jiggy, DannypKME and Ibboss (Innoveightive Beat). The songs were all produced by Chromesoundz

The music is about my life and experiences in life generally.


Competition can only abound where niche is scarce. My music is different. I bank on that!.

Well, y’all have heard it all… Save for this One, a compilation of Well made sounds…

Link up Chrome via:

Twitter: @Chromesoundz
Instagram: @Kelvinchrome

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