Issues Affecting Entertainment Industry Growth in the South

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Towards the end of every year cross river state, one of South’s most vibrant state entertainment wise hosts one of the biggest entertainment event in the world “Calabar Carnival, neighboring states such as Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom state Bayelsa etc are not left behind… These southern states also have produced some of the A-list artist in Africa today such as Mc Galaxy, Timaya, Duncan Mighty, Inyanya and lots more. Yet the industry is far from reality in this part of the country, hence southjamz take a critical view and outline some of what could be Factors obstructing this growth and suggest possible way forward…

*Greed: show organizers are so self centered that they don’t think about nobody else… In an attempt to eat all the outcome alone they attempt to do it alone and ends up doing a shallow show. Media houses just wanna eat their share so won’t partner with you, they just wanna get paid. Generally everybody wants to stand alone in the biz and eat all they can and leave.

*Dependence on Politics; obviously this has limited and ruined so many creative talents… These politicians are in for their dreams, don’t let it swallow yours, yes its okay to get paid by a politician to put up shows or perform for them at various occasions but don’t be carried away, after campaign #nothing4u

*Artist Low Self-esteem: Artist tends to be desperate and hungry… They lack price tag hence cheapen their arts, show organizers exploit this witness but then, if you don’t get paid howvyou gon settle your bills? Lot of fine artist don quit!

*Laziness: One negative trait dominating the south is the “small syndrome” they all tryina do “a small show” “small party” make small money and so on. The industry is for big dreamers and we need to start dreaming big

*Lack of Sociality: The westerners relate and establish friendship at the shortest possible time. Believe it or not it cheapen cost of event organization, song promotion etc, meanwhile and average southerner wey hold light change is corky and have difficulty in relating…

Way forward:

The entertainment industry is making very many people around the world millionaires, creating employments for numerous professions and the south needs to cut in. However we need to…

*Build Structural Units: The deejays association is an example but needs to put in more work and be more accessible and supportive rather than a medium for artist victimization. Each needs the other

*Artists Should unite: Artist needs to be there for each other, support and help connect a brother, it doesn’t steal your destiny to share a brothers song or cover arts. Forget label for now, rather build cliques of common interest

*Creativity in Event Organization: Stop doing Miss dis and that… Try something meaningful, see Felabration, see industry night, world music day etc. Forget shallow pageantry

*Forget Money at the Moment: We all wanna make money but let that not be primary motive at the moment. Do the work… Collaborate with people, media houses, friendly artist, Organize free shows, capture the people’s interest first…

*Media Support: Bloggers, radios, TV stations, magazines, blogs etc abeg make we join hands… When e ripe everybody go chop…

*Consistency: For you to be able you must firstly be available… Be consistent in whatever you do.. Na it sure pass

To this effect Artist with dope songs should mail their song with cover arts and press release with twitter handle to …
Na d way forward

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