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5ThrowBack songs Relevant in real time Nigeria

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Over the years,Some reputable Nigerian Musicians at one point of their work stops by to criticize the government of the day constructively or deconstructively. However with the current situation of the country one can rightly conclude that some of this songs shoulda best been released today than earlier.

05. 2face – for Instance

The relevant of this song to our country today cant be over emphasized as it discusses what the government are doing in contrast to what he “2face” would have done should he have been in the position. A nice song by the way 👇👇

download for instance

04.Edris – nigeria jaga jaga

In a country where animals are rated above humans With constant violation of the constitution by the no.1 citizen of the country and the influence of foreign currencies on our economy, what can we rather say 👇👇👇
download Jaga Jaga

03. African China – Government Bad Oh

this man has been constant and quite relevant in the function of govt check through his art. His music style may seem outdated but the relevance stays firm. This one is a direct sentence, Government bad my brother 👇👇
download Government Bad

02. African China – Mr President

“Mr President” takes the message directly to the Presidency politely demanding for adjustments nd refix.. all though uncle OBJ no see am like that😂😂.. 👇👇
download Mr President

01. Oritse Femi. Flog politicians Koboko

With Kerosine costing Over #450 in the south, a dollar being equal to #470 and a bag of rice costing 30k …. abeg carry koboko we need flog them for not feeding our pupils and paying unemployed youths monthly 5k as promised. 👇👇
download Flog Politician

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