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To all those Artists out there…


Before you go ahead to make that inaudible freestyle like “Terry G” or flood nudity in ur video like “Snoop Dogg” know that as a young artist you will over time be subjected to criticism and analysis that this “A list” stars have already overcome. You need local television channels to air your video, state nd national radios as a matter of fact you need all the help you can get even from Church. However know that Vulgar lyrics, and 18+ ratings may discredit your songs from some favour and recomendations. No matter how good you are.
Conclusively, Bros wen u blow u go express ur life as u like… till then make a sensible good song like
Usimeke’s Toju, “Ziben’s- Jesus is the King”, Lakrim’s – Hustle must Pay” “Leki’s – Advice”, “Brown Edu’s – Missing Y’all”, “Freetunez – YANAD”, “Sean C’s – Abasi Ibianake” and other songs of such meaningful lyrical content.
Untill u blow, stop acting like you don blow, and forget bragging bout things you dont have… no confuse your Angel of Blessing😂


The need to be well Packaged cant be neglected in the business of Music sales. Nobody wants to spend their hard earned MB to download thrash, however how do you put your song across to earn attention?
Good photograph and quality professional design. People will naturally be attracted to the content if the packet is beautiful.
As an upcoming Artist have time for it. Go to a good photo studio take nice pictures get a good designer… when viewers love your arts they’d want to hear you… no need to talk plenty on the press release…


Professor Effiong Johnson usually say “let opportunity meet you prepared”. As an upcoming artist learn to package your every move! Dont ever drop stuffs carelessly. Wanna drop a single? Get an attractive art thats simple and sensible to compliment the song. Are you going for shows? Gotta learn how to put the few clothes u hav together to look good, dont go bout touting in show venues and drinking anyhow. Wanna stroll out? Put your composure on and let the swag define you (not wearing unnecessary flashy things up nd down sha oh). Learn to look clean and organize at all time you dont know who you might meet at anytime, if your look doesnt please them then you’ve already half way failed….


Don’t be fooled the number of followers you have on instagram and twitter, your Instagram picture swags and the number of downloads you have online doesnt guarantee you nothing. Yes Don jazzy met Reekado on twitter or so we heard… is that your own fate?
For you as an upcoming artist,
*Invest in street promo.

*Get ur songs into mixtapes,
*Give Djs ur promotional CDs.
* Identify with good radio presenters. Don’t just pay them, make friends with them too. Push your song on these platforms and get a few reliable sites to put your songs for availability incase of relevance or reference.
Timaya, Sky B, Terry G, Mrdrill, duncan mighty, Wacomzy, small doctor, D’banj and Wizkid are proud products of this channels… untill they could afford the massive push. Use your money wisely to maximize outcome.


This goes out to those Artists who think the hype job is strictly for the promoters and HypeMen, Bros leave to dey form for yourself. If you believe in yourself, appreciate yourself. If the link to your song is not easily reachable on ur social media wall, then what exactly have you been talking bout?
Love yourself bro/Sis its Healthy. Thank us later😉😁

We are Southjamz #WePromote till it trends

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