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Music: Ely – Fix Up Your Lives (response) // @ELyBede

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Wether y’all take it or not, Mi has succesfully stared up a couple new discoveries in the industry while selling himself with the new joint and the High Priest himself is one of those tempted to spit… On this one the Hands Down crooner goes all hard as he expresses his own views without mixing words…
Dope as F***… Check it…

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HighPriest go fix up im life
Turn on the light and then turn on my mic
Afro pop was calling the money was nice
Now yanga go wake the trouble wey bin lie
These people be asking me why
HighPriest u no go follow do reply
Same people teh me ELy u dey form Hip Hop for 9ja the question is when you go wise?
Now let’s be sincere to ourselves
See MI just brought some respect to the game
Regards for these rappers and hope for the street
Now David Millz my nigger is destined for shine
Zero regards for intelligence has left me wondering if it is worth it, now put up the lyrics these rappers be dropping and see if this singers can fix up their lives too
Emptiness, routine repetition, but how come they sell out their shows?
How come the fans dey follow all these people and how come they make all the dough?
There’s no disrespecting but tell me why noise is increasing it’s value all the way
Tell me why all these rappers no go switch up when money is just a fuvken step away

(these singers should fix up their lives)





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