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SJ Gossip: Dethroned Teen Queen Breaks Silence // Bags Endorsement

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It’s Old news that Abasiodiong Eyo Inyang was stripped of her crown and office as Akwa Ibom Teen Queen after the uproar stirred on and off media by release of her smoking and half nude pictures which the public negatively criticized.

We won’t bore you with details of that however, after total tolerance to series of backlashing, verbal punches, abuses and condemnations which seemed endless without a “proper chance for self explanation / defense, the embittered Ex-Queen took to her facebook to tender a lengthy heart touching apology with total submission to the public’s opinion.


Having expressed extreme humility and remorse, series of hope preachers emerged in her defense to support and encourage her spirit, and just in the midst of the storm, unconfirmed source has it that Abasiodiong has been promised a car gift to help boost her career,

well that’s not all as the CEO of “Yenne Emarket” took to facebook to propose her a modeling contract as the first ever “face of Yenne E-marketing” which she disclosed to have accepted.

Looking forward to more positive vibes on her side though “go girl! “

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