3 Classes of Nigerian  Superstars – Smarshilo // @smarshiloYY

Igbo Indigenous rapper and writter “Smarshilo” categorises the industry occupants under 3 Influential figures footprint… check his views and feel free to leave a comment below…

Over the past 20-years, the Nigeria music industry has Evolved and still evolving  at the fastest pace over time. Afro-beat or Afro-pop if you may, the most Successful and  surviving genre out of other experiments has crossed borders, touched lives and  affected Cultures and traditions in different spheres and parts of the world. Through  their Dance Styles, lyrics and rhythm Africa has gradually been accepted globally. An  achievement our leadership, natural resources and other like sectors couldn’t attain,  Music and Entertainment has set the pace. 
Nigeria is said to be the lead piloting these great landmarks, as they have  produced great legends that had transcended from the Old school to the New school  era within this Stint of time. From the likes of 2face(now 2baba), D’banj, Don Jazzy,  P-Square, to the New school Era of Wizkid, Davido, Burnaboy to mention but a few. Who  has broken and set records, collaborated with Corporate brands to improve and protect lives and properties, created a global awareness of the African Pop culture, values, and  norms with their simple tool of music. 
In this piece, I have tried to establish a benchmark with what seems like the most  successful popular brands to be identified as comparative analysis and evaluation of  what to expect and how every artist we know can be observed, not only in Nigeria but at  least in Africa. 
However, they are subject to be argued, contested, criticized based on your  individual sentiments, beliefs, tribes, ethnicity, and even religious differences. Or it can  be appreciated and promoted for value, but they are clearly my opinion as a music  enthusiast for over a decade now. It’s not meant to dissuade any opinions Or any  benefit and belief. There are ALL Great SuperStars and doing well according to the  Grace available to them.  
The Flyboys :
OK lemme start with this phase, these people I believe are very good looking, has  all the physical characteristics of Star, the looks, physique,” drips” and the flyboy swag  but their output and impact are on the average. They make hits and kinds of music that  spark up at some random times but are not consistently making progress. Progress as  to no follow-up singles, awards, trends, and Low global recognition. They can not be  sure bet to deliver on random collaborations, headline Major Concerts, and Events.  These people make random relative moves and their Song or project releases doesn’t  Elicit major Anticipations. They depend on massive promotions and major trends for  wider reach. Apart from the ones now on the “Legendary” Status randomly I can think of  Dice,skiibii, B-Red, Harrysong and many of them under this phase. I don’t think Kizz  Daniel the Face behind the Flyboy Inc Falls under this phase.  

The Burnaboys :
And then we have the Burnaboys, here their Only and major Disadvantage is in  the looks. Looks not like there are not fine or cool But you may not easily identify them  as Superstars on a first random look aside from the too many Tattoos, Designers and  Diamond wrists. They have some abnormal Physical features. Put out the music and  talent in them you will get an average guy on the street.  
However, this phase is highly Talented, creative across different genres, styles  and brands and Topics of music. Put them on anything they will deliver, “kill” and  “murder” it. Their music goes beyond their whims and caprices and causes ripple  effects on the souL of consumers. They’re instant Hit-Makers and always Next Rated.  They require little or no promotions to gain traffic. 
They are sure bet on collaborations, in brand awareness songs and general  promotional content songs they’re experts. Also, I can think of Burnaboy, SolidStar, Teni,  Reekado banks and a few more.  
The Starboys:
Lastly but not the least the Starboys, once you hear Starboy what comes to your  mind is Wizkid, and yes he represents every shade of greatness as a Superstar. They  have the looks, skills, and grace. Make the most major moves globally. They deliver on  any form of collaborations and songs across the globe. They don’t alot or invest much  time and attention to promotions. There are fine Burnaboys. They headline Major  concerts, their Songs elicits great Anticipations and their information and profiles are  globally rated. They’re the frontiers of the African Culture through music and the major  Competition in the global Entertainment market. You already know that Wizkid, Davido,  Kizzdaniel Daniel falls perfectly under this phase and few more others too.  
However one May vary between 2 of these phases, and there are not purely  established because of the brand behind them as it’s a borrowed term to easily classify  and Rate them. 
Feel free to share your thoughts!  

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