Review: Is Nunu Eluma’s #JulyByNunu EP worth listening to?

Covers are an avenue for up and coming artistes to break into the mainstream. Usually, these songs are fans favorite and the high standards set by the original recording artistes create interesting challenges for these artistes. This is why only great covers get into trending playlists.
Getting down to brass tacks, Nunu’s July EP is an absolutely interesting compilation of 5 covers. A beautiful voice and a huge chunk of originality are savoring ingredients to this EP.

As a music enthusiast and a vocalist myself, nothing is more pleasant to listen to than a singer who understands her voice and how she can work it into different genres especially AfroPop which is particularly tricky for the average contemporary singer. 
Nunu works wonders on Tems ‘Looku Looku baby‘, her sonorous voice turning this pidgin written song into a ballad befitting for its meaning. Doing same justice to Fireboy’s ‘Jealous‘, she makes it hers and every girl’s own, adding a little sass and determination in her tone, making sure she expresses herself in the most assertive yet, feminine way.
Supernova‘ by MrEazi probably never sounded more pleasant. With the acoustic sound, it serenades you and this particular cover will remind you of your significant other. If you don’t have one, don’t wonder why you keep hugging your pillow while listening to this one. 
Branching into some Pop, Nunu makes Andra Day’s ‘Rise up‘ another Nigerian Anthem by using the colloquial Nigerian words in pidgin. She rounds it up with a Medley that should be on your favorite playlist, fusing in Afrobeat  into her usual R’n’B style.
Nunu is a complete package and her EP commands attention. Trust me, this is worth your ears and mind.
…. as Written by Nigerian Djudju.

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