Triipy, a Trap Artiste from a Slum in the South is delivering hope and preaching ‘we gon be ALRIGHT

So far, 2020 has been a hell of a year with the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, taking humans lives, leaving a dent on the global economy and there are also the tales of rape, police brutality, racism and the black lives matter protests, amidst all these Triipy is saying it’s going to be Alright.

Triipy, a Trap Artiste from Port Harcourt is delivering hope on his new song he titled ‘Alright’ which is a build up to his forthcoming project – Slum slated to be released anytime soon.

Alright is trappy with a melancholic ambience. The mood of the song is sad yet optimistic. It’s like the rising of the sun at dawn and its ray  penetrating through the curtains on your windows into your room that was dark the night before but now with a sheer of illumination.

The song is a reflection of who Triipy is, a boy from a small slum in the South with big city dreams. Triipy represents the crop of talented emerging artistes from the South that are go-getters and fearless.

Alright is a glimpse of what we should be expecting from Triipy henceforth, trap music that propagates hope and not dope (drugs).

Triipy is a hope dealer getting high on his own supply. In this case, it’s good for his business. We should all patronize him. We’re going to be ALRIGHT.

Click the link below to listen to Alright by Triipy


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