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Moliy’s Wonder Girl EP Is An Empowerment MasterPiece

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Promising Ghanaian music talent Moliy is currently undoubtedly Africa’s raising Afro Pop Femcee of all time  with her debut EP dubbed ‘Wondergirl’ which is now streaming on all Digital Platforms. 

The young artist who recently released her single ‘My way’ and Loud Ft Kedda off her new EP, says her new EP ‘Wondergirl’ targets all music lovers and also adds a voice of empowerment, especially to women.

Moliy describes the six-track EP as, “Wondergirl is about woman empowerment, and going through the motions of love and growth. Hearing each song you realize they depict different phases of being in relationships, from the honeymoon phase to the breakup phase. Inspired by the ups and downs of my own relationship experience or my friends.”

Reminiscing on how she got the idea, she said, “Altranova (producer) and I got together and wanted to create some magic. After hearing this beat I instantly felt a summer hit on my hands. The lyrics were deliberate and meant to create a visual of love at first sight. The melody for the hook I actually had in my mind earlier on that day and it sounded good on the beat so that’s what created the initial vibe.”

The EP was produced by MikeMillzonem, Altranova and Ransom Beatz.

MikeMillzonem produced four songs on the six track EP which include; ‘Loud’ ft. Kkeda, ‘My Way’, ‘Cool it Down’, ‘Wondergirl’, ‘Ghana Boy’, and ‘Jonny’

Moliy says her main agenda in the music industry is to put Ghana on the map. And also inspire and support other women to be successful and rise in the mostly male-dominated industry.

Who is Moliy

Moliy is a 22-year-old Afro-Fusion and R&B artist from Ghana emerging as a well-rounded artist singer and songwriter. Her profound love for music started by singing Karaoke alongside family and friends, which gradually lead to an improvement in her vocals and melody.

In addition, she fulfilled her writing skills, through one of her favorite hobbies reading romance books and poems. She identifies herself as a genre-bender and appreciates all forms of music, delving in Hip Hop, Afro Pop and R&B from the 90s to the urban sounds





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