Nana Mensah shares new Gospel song ‘Count Your Blessings’

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‘Count Your Blessings’ is a brand-new song from Canada-based Ghanaian Gospel singer, Nana Mensah; one which urges us to focus on the many great gifts we’ve received and continually receive from God’s boundless sea of love. ‘Count Your Blessings’ is available on all digital streaming platforms globally here: DOWNLOAD AUDIO HERE…

The song’s resounding beat and buoyant tone do well to deliver Nana Mensah’s goodwill in grace. His rich baritone and vocal confidence are sure to get listeners in an appreciative mood. But all this didn’t come easy. According to the act, it took a good deal of fasting and prayers to get ‘Count Your Blessings’ right. In his own words, ‘’There were many trials and errors. Lots of change in lyrics, as well as other key elements of the song, like; flow, harmony and melody. But I asked the good Lord to let His spirit take control’’.

‘’It is my prayer this gospel touches the souls and heart of those who seek an encounter with Jesus Christ. It’s also for those earnestly waiting on their miracle from heaven, just so the world knows God isn’t dead and He is indeed alive, always ready to show up’’, Nana adds.

Sing along with Nana Mensah on his latest song, ‘Count Your Blessings’ as you reflect on God’s never-ending faithfulness in your life – give thanks with a grateful heart.

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