King Fallou talks friends and betrayal in new single ‘Okukuseku’ // @KingFallou

Tied to the quite popular Ghanaian adage ‘’Okukuseku – onipa ho y3 hu’’ and a Daddy Lumba song of the same name, ‘Okukuseku’ narrates a tale of betrayal. Beautifully composed in Twi, King Fallou touches on how people in our closest of circles turn out to be the ones plotting our very demise and not the other way round.

A well thought-out song, it presents King Fallou at his finest hour; bar for bar, as he puts the ChrisBeatz production through its paces. The ‘Yebe Pie’ baller simply captivates on this release, delivering an experience that’s nothing but elite.

King Fallou’s ‘Okukuseku’ gives the artist good range in this competitive arena and may be his steppingstone to bigger projects to come.

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