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Spotlight: Who is Ogaflex ?

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Musa Felix popularly known as Ogaflex , is a Nigerian skit maker, comedian, YouTuber, actor, and social media influencer. He came into the limelight after he was featured in Real house of comedy video.

Profile summary

Name Musa Felix
Age 30 years
Date of Birth 5 june 1991
Net worth $50,000 – $300,000
Occupation Comedian
Marital Status Dating
Girlfriend Classic bewa

Especially famous for playing comic characters in his comic short skit and for his slang at end of each cvideo “otoo ,” Ogaflex was born on the 5th of June 1991 in his home country, Ajaokuta Nigeria.

Born and raised in Kogi State (Kogi State is a state in the north central part of Nigeria)

Ogaflex Career

He came into the limelight in 2019 after he was featured in a real house of comedy video. His appearance in the video grew his social media following by a noticeable percentage.

Having featured and acted along with other Nigerian skit makers, and comedians,

Isbae U has worked with other popular comedy acts well known in the internet space such as Isbea   u , Sirbalo, Kastropee,Thespian Nozy , Ogastreet Aisha, scottlarma , ben cash, Eva, Mc reality , Davide odf , Ayomidate, and Young Maazi

Social Media Handles

With a huge number of followers on the internet, Isbae U is quite famous. He is on

and Facebook  with a handful of followers.

Ogaflex Net worth

Musa felix has an estimated net worth of between $50,000 thousand and $300,000 thousand. He earns his networth from his career in the Nigerian entertainment industry as a comic actor and  skit maker

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