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Music: SKY Girls release ‘We Choose’ video starring Chayuta

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“Sky Giirrrlllsssss – Be true to yourself!”. This is the slogan of the biggest teen movement
in Ghana at the moment. You must have seen our billboards in town, our t-shirts,
watched our movies or even stumbled upon our social media pages. If you haven’t
encountered any of these, then allow us tell you what SKY GIRLS is all about.
SKY Girls is a community of teen girls that exists to build self-confidence and self-
esteem. We are all about helping girls stay true to themselves and what they believe in,
by encouraging them to explore healthy interests and say no to harmful habits (yawa
things), especially those caused by peer pressure. We focus our communication more on
what makes teen girls better versions of themselves, finding their true identity and
saying ‘no’ to things that they can do without, or that makes them uncomfortable, like
SKY Girls is a safe space for all teen girls in JHS and SHS. Short activations are frequently
organized in schools to tell girls what SKY is all about and, for those who are not in
school, we reach them through our community activations. Activations usually take the
form of an introduction to SKY, movie screenings, magazine distributions, fun
competitions, parties, and a SKY song sing-along!
This month, SKY Girls Ghana launched a campaign called ‘We Choose’. This is a call to
action for girls to affirm their decisions and encourage them to pursue choices that make
them stay true to themselves. We are basically giving teen girls the tools to boldly
choose and declare the things that impact them positively, and confidently denounce
those that affect them negatively.
A few years ago, we released a SKY song titled ‘Unstoppable’ and this year we are back
with yet another banger entitled ‘We Choose’. This song features one of Ghana’s young,
talented song birds, Chayuta. This new anthem seeks to rally SKY Girls around an
empowering message. Seeing as our girls love music and are quick to learn new lyrics and
dance moves, there is no doubt that this song will fast become a trend.
Chayuta, born Layla Mpho Mokoena, is a budding and upcoming Ghanaian singer. The
18-year-old has been tagged as the Ghanaian Rihanna. She performed the ‘We Choose’

song at the SKY Takeover party, which brought together over 3,000 SKY Girls in Accra
on Saturday, the 6th of August to have fun and bond whilst reaffirming their decisions
and encouraging them to pursue choices that are true to them.
Do well to stream the ‘We Choose’ song on Deezer, Apple Music, Audiomack and more
and tell a teen girl out there to tell another teen girl somewhere to join the biggest teen
girl community in Ghana. Most importantly, remind them to STAY TRUE TO
Connect with SKY Girls via social media @SkyGirlsGH on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok,
and on YouTube.

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